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Old System

     How many times do you go to the coffee machine only to find that you have to dump the old coffee, clean the carafe, fill the machine and then wait for the pot to brew before having a cup of coffee?

     How much time are you and your employees wasting doing this? How much coffee is actually consumed? Who is paying for the coffee that goes down the drain?

Say Goodbye To...

  • Messy coffee area.
  • Burnt or warmed over coffee
  • Wasted coffee
  • Honour systems that don't work
  • Arguments over who makes the coffee
  • Only one selection of coffee
  • Ground coffee full of preservatives
  • Employees wasting time waiting, filling, & cleaning the coffee machine

Our System

Saeco 7p plus

    Our new computer controlled coffee machines ensure that every cup is perfect.  We use Saeco coffee machines from Italy.  These European designed machines are the state of the art brew systems available today.

    No mess to clean up, no equipment to wash.  Let your employees get on with their day rather than wasting time filling the coffee machine or cleaning dirty coffee pots.

Say Hello To...

  • Clean professionally maintained equipment
  • Perfect coffee every time
  • Only pay for the coffee that is actually consumed
  • Seven selections of coffee including French Vanilla Cappuccino and even Hot Chocolate for the non-coffee drinkers
  • 100% Whole bean coffee
  • Coffee prepared fresh in under a minute
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